Don’t rush your planning – Mental Health Awareness week

Don’t rush your planning – Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week is in May, this years topic is loneliness and everyone is well into their planning.

Maximising participation is essential to reach as many colleagues as possible and build a community of support.

ONS reported

– Younger adults and women were more likely to experience some form of depression, with over 4 in 10 (43%) women aged 16 to 29 years experiencing depressive symptoms, compared with 26% of men of the same age.

– A higher proportion of adults renting their home experienced some form of depression (31%) when compared with adults who own their home outright (13%).

– Almost 3 in 10 (28%) adults living in the most deprived areas of England experienced depressive symptoms; this compares with just under 2 in 10 (17%) adults in the least deprived areas of England.

Some of the most impactful activities include:

– Those focused on reducing stigma and discrimination led by colleagues

– Training for everyone to spot signs and indicators of the most common mental health problems

– Encouraging buddy systems for colleagues to learn about mental health with another colleague

– Trigger boards to highlight what causes stress and anxiety in the workplace

– Talking about mental health at all levels

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