Gloria and her sunflower brightens up everyone’s day

Gloria and her sunflower brightens up everyone’s day

Huge congratulations to our very own Gloria who swept away with first prize in the tallest sunflower competition.

You may recall the summer month of July, the Let’s Get Healthy team, armed with a few seeds and a small amount of compost, planted, named and watered their pride and joy, hoping to reach the office ceiling first.

Some have thrived and some have failed (as modelled by the lovely Gaynor), but all in all we have enjoyed nurturing them.

Kathryn Rossiter, CEO of Thrive, one of the UK’s leading charities in disability and gardening says that “as well as the strong therapeutic value of gardening it can help people connect with others, reducing feelings of isolation. It makes us more active, gaining both physical and mental health benefits.”

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