Health and wellbeing – Bring on 2022

Health and wellbeing – Bring on 2022

What a fun few months we have had to end 2021! We have designed several brand-new health and wellbeing programmes for employers who want to improve the mental health and resilience of their teams.

The insight and diagnostics have been such insightful and different this year. Reading all the boards that colleagues have scribed on virtually and face to face, some important words jump out:

Words that rhyme with 2022 and relate to my health and wellbeing are:

·     Renew

·     Untrue

·     Agree to

·     Continue

·     Speak to

·     Need to

·     Tell you

·     Sad to

·     How are you

·     I want to

We find them fascinating and even more interesting when you listen to the context. Don’t forget to involve your teams in the design of your mental health, resilience health and wellbeing programmes. They will have brilliant ideas and will share with you what they need.

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