HEART – keeping the conversation going

HEART – keeping the conversation going

Every health and wellbeing campaign we design and deliver for our corporate health and wellbeing clients last a minimum of 12 weeks. Why I hear you ask?

· We all love a training day or to learn online but the biggest challenge is to ensure the tools and techniques are embedded into our everyday living- we need time to do this

· Once we change our ways of working – guess what, we do things better, quicker and have more time – this time can initially be used to share successes and help others, so we need to plan for this time

· Life throws us daily challenges and sometimes despite best endeavors, we get distracted away from what we have learnt and having another 10 weeks to pick up where we left means everybody has the chance to succeed

· Many learners, whether they learn digitally or face to face, are reflectors and want to go away and think about how to implement what they have learnt- again we need time to allow this to happen

Heart is a campaign that helps colleagues confidently support customers, friends , family and their team deal with loss and our embed training is key to its success.

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