Help your employees budget for Christmas

Help your employees budget for Christmas

Financial hardship can really impact our mental health. In this year’s Mental Health at Work 2019 report called’ Time to take ownership’ report, 24% of employees cite financial difficulties (such as debt) as the trigger for their poor mental health.

Provide teams with facts sheets, toolkits or we even have an online game with tips such as:

1. Set up a Christmas budget before you start shopping and tell someone your budget, so you are not tempted to go over it

2. Agree with friends and family an amount to spend on presents and try and stick to it

3. If you still have presents untouched from last year, give them as a gift or try and sell them

4. Go vintage – look for gifts that are great and second hand

5. Look for discount vouchers for the stores you want to shop in – most start offering them in November

6. Keep a track of what you are spending against what you set as your budget

7. Go DIY on cards and gifts – friends will love the personal touch

8. Gift the gift of charity – your family and friends will be delighted, and you’ll be helping a great cause

For more information on how to support employees to have great mental health, get in touch with our team on 01924 666295