Keep on learning and then…learn some more

Keep on learning and then…learn some more

I had the privilege to meet spend time with Alex Postance and his great team from @JourneyFurther ‏last week. Listening to the energy and passion from his team was great and what tipped off a great day was receiving 2 brilliant books to read and bring back to our team.

When we design campaigns to improve personal resilience and performance, we often share the evidence that we need to keep trying things new. Testing and challenging our personal boundaries, learning new things’s proven …this all helps our brain and it’s energy.

The human brain has a great potential for something called neuronal plasticity – that is, it’s malleable. Challenging our brains, for example, by learning a new skill, leads to actual changes in the adult brain. “It may create new connections between brain cells by changing the balance of available neurotransmitters and changing how connections are made” (Dr. Papp 2015).

If you stick to a pattern of learning and look for activities that incorporate brain stimulation and also focus building a great social network , you will feel better in yourself.

So thank you to the team Journey Further as you were a delight to be around and by giving me two books you have also helped my wellbeing.