Are you all set for Men’s Health week in June? 

Are you all set for Men’s Health week in June? 

Don’t worry if you are not – you have the rest of the year to design and deliver a great programme of events for the men in your team.

In 2019, men’s health week will be focused on the statistics about men’s health – something all employers could get behind and help their teams with.

Power Up
89.6% of obese men think they are too heavy (and 10.4% of overweight men think they are fine) vs. 96.1% of obese women (and 3.9% of obese women think they are not overweight or obese). 72.4% vs. 79.8% are trying to lose weight. (Men’s Health Forum)

Help your teams understand how to have great energy levels by fuelling up on the right way, great sleep, exercise and eating habits are needed.

Stand Up
Support the men in your team to stand up to every day stress . The Mental Health Foundation quoted that “in England, around 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem. However, men may be reluctant to seek support for their mental health or disclose mental health problems to loved ones.”

Run workshops or drop in’s to help all team members talk about what is stressing them out and how you can assist

Heads Up
Across all sectors, societal expectations about how men ‘should’ behave and what masculinity should look like has meant it can be hard to open up about your general wellbeing, mental health and how to make changes

Be an employer that breaks down these barriers and leads from the front and provide tools and techniques to help all men at work

For more information on health and wellbeing programmes designed to help men’s health such as mental health, getting active and eating well.