Things to think about when designing your wellbeing campaign

Things to think about when designing your wellbeing campaign

We often get asked what employers should think about when designing health and wellbeing campaigns so we thought we would share a few suggestions.

1. Agree what you want to achieve for both the employee and the business

The two successes can work together in harmony and it’s important to set your goals and measurement up front.

2. Think about how to engage and excite your colleagues

The campaign can be brilliant but without engaging your colleagues you could miss the people who really need your help. Consider all existing channels of communication and ask employees for their ideas to engage teams.

3. Support and endorse the wonderful campaigns run by the NHS

These are accessible to all colleagues. You can still offer 24/7 content if you can’t afford to invest in full blown health and wellbeing portals / intranets.

4. Ask for feedback from line managers /colleagues and innovate

Whether it be in small groups, at the water coolers, or in larger board meetings, you will need to innovate month after month to keep campaigns alive and talked about. Engage colleagues and ask them how they think improvements should be made.

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