Tips to help you switch off from work before heading off on your holiday

Tips to help you switch off from work before heading off on your holiday

Annual leave is designed to help you relax, ensuring you are resilient and energised to perform at your peak. However, it is easy to spend the week before, working out of hours, to do more work to cover the time you are off. And then your whole break is spent worrying about number of emails and working anyway, leaving you more stressed than you would be if you hadn’t had a break at all.

According to OnRec, 69% of organisations have seen colleagues working when they are supposed to be on leave in the last 12 months.

Here are some tips to ensuring a relaxing break:

Before you travel

Prioritise – A few weeks before your leave, make a list of the actions that must be completed before you finish. Stick to the list even if new actions come in.

Draft a handover – Ensure your colleagues know you will be away, and work with them to establish who will pick up actions in your absence.

During your break

Switch off – Once you have committed to a break, turn off your technology, even for part of your break.

Set a goal – If you are goal oriented, commit to taking time out for you every day, whether that is a walk outside or a spa treatment. Set an intention to focus on returning to work refreshed or more calm.

When you return

Review your priorities – Make a plan and speak to colleagues who were picking up your work, even before checking your emails, to understand what has happened in your absence. If required, revise your list of priorities.

Revisit your goals – If it is all getting too much, take a moment to remember the goals you set for your break and remind yourself of the positive experiences you have had.

With a little planning and focus you can enjoy your break and return to work feeling refreshed and energised with renewed confidence and optimism.

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