Top ten advice that is often ignored

Top ten advice that is often ignored

The Let’s Get Healthy team were busy planning a launch for April 2020 and we started chatting about the top 10 ten advice that colleagues ignore in the world of health and wellbeing.

We thought we would share them, and you can see how you fair:

1. Eat breakfast and start your day with energy
2. Eat the frog – do your most difficult challenge first in the day, not always clear down your emails
3. Talk about great and poor mental health with your colleagues
4. Take regular breaks away from your work place each day
5. Keep a note of 3 great things that happen to you each day
6. Eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day
7. Have at least 3 days a week when you don’t check emails in the company of friends and family (out of work hours)
8. Exercise each and every day
9. Don’t allow your pets to sleep on the bed
10. Live in the moment and cherish the now

How did you do? 2020 is a great opportunity to make small improvements to your health and wellbeing and live life to the full.

For more information about the health and wellbeing programmes we are launching in 2020 get in touch with the team on 01924 666295.