What a way to switch off!

What a way to switch off!

Last night to celebrate ‘Time to talk’ a few of us set ourselves the task of doing the Escape Room challenge, where in teams of 6 we had 1 hour to get out of a room by working through a series of riddles and quizzes. We did the Alice in Wonderland Challenge.
Team nights out are brilliant fun and enable us to:
· Work as a team
· Have fun as a team
· Learn to solve problems as a team
· See how focusing on one thing at a time is so more productive than multitasking
· Celebrate success

Linda Stone (Former Apple and Microsoft researcher) used a term called ‘continuous partial attention ‘, when we take on too much, be distracted the consequence is over stimulated get wound up and often feel unfulfilled. Many of the health and wellbeing programmes we design are to help employees improve and maintain mental energy and focus in a fast-paced world.

Last night we were in the flow for just under 1 hour (yes, we escaped the room) and had a fun, wonderful night out.

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