What great leaders do

What great leaders do

“Great leaders discover what is universal and capitalise on it. Their job is to rally people toward a better future.” – Marcus Buckingham, Harvard Business review.

Wellbeing helps colleague’s find balance in their life. How many times have we heard healthy employees equals happy employees leading to healthy profits. In times of change, the pace of life sometimes takes over being a great manager, we then forget to look for the strengths in our team and capitalise on the talent that is in front of us.

Quick tip to find out a colleague’s strength

  • “What was the best day at work you’ve had in the past three months?” – Find out what the person was doing and why they enjoyed it so much.

This question will prompt your employees to start thinking about their interests and abilities from a perspective of satisfaction and enjoyment.

A strength is not just something you are good at, in fact, it might be something you aren’t good at yet. It might be just a preference, something you find so intrinsically satisfying that you look forward to doing it again and again. Through this drive and carrying out the task over and over, you can get better at it with time.

Health and wellbeing is so much more than walking 10,000 steps a day and eating 5 a day. if you would like to learn more about our leadership workshops that provide managers with tools and techniques to lead in times of change, contact us on 01924 666295.