Winter worries – working from home

Winter worries – working from home

The CIPD reported (April 2022)

– increased stress or mental health problems through people working remotely (44%)

– difficulty in working as expected for employees who lack space or privacy when working from home (43%)

– and employee conflict due to the challenges of communication and team relationships while remote/home working (34%)

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, ploughing through our ‘to-do’ list, have you gathered feedback from colleagues on what changes they need (not want) to help them maximise their personal/professional – happiness and performance?

– How can communication be improved?

– How open are colleagues discussing their mental health, what is becoming more stressful and

– What is working well, that could be even better?

Take 30 minutes to chat to the team – it could be the most helpful ‘to do’ you have done in the last month.

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