World Mental Health Day – getting ready for 2030

World Mental Health Day – getting ready for 2030

Have you planned your activities to celebrate World Mental Health day in October?

We will be busy that week delivering lots of virtual workshops and launching our digital games and eLearning that help colleagues learn how to have great mental health.

We are also in the midst of helping clients align to the principles of the Healthy People 2030 agenda: The Integration of Mental Health into Well-Being for All, it’s brilliant to be able to think short and long term about mental health.

The overarching goals are:

• Attain healthy, purposeful lives and well-being

• Attain health literacy, achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health and well-being of all populations

 • Create social and physical environments that promote attaining full potential for health and wellbeing for all

If you need any help with your plans to improve the mental health of your teams, get in touch